Enjoy the Glamour of the East on an Asian Cruise

Both Hong Kong and Singapore instantly bring to mind the wealth and glitter of the East. One of the best ways to experience this part of the world is by taking a cruise to Asia between these two enchanting locations. Travelers will discover that more than a half-dozen cruise lines offer voyages between Singapore and Hong Kong.

Singapore Skyline at Night

Singapore Skyline at Night

Stimulating Singapore

Singapore is regarded by many travel experts as one of the world’s safest and cleanest places in which to enjoy a vacation. It boasts an alluring array of natural scenery, architecture, culture and cuisine, not to mention various activities and attractions available to visitors of all ages and from all walks of life.

Singapore’s world class zoo and Botanical Gardens are just a few must-see landmarks vacationers should catch a glimpse of before they set sail. The Singapore zoo is home to an impressive number of both exotic and domestic creatures from around the world. Thousands of plant species can also be found in the city’s Botanical gardens conservatory, such as the world’s largest display of orchids, the latter of which total over 50,000.

Hong Kong

Those who decide to cruise from Hong Kong will enjoy experiencing this ancient city of soaring towers and magnificent landscapes. From the eclectic influences of its Asian roots to its vibrant modern cultural scene, this outstanding city is home to 400 restaurants, 200 stores, and over 100 clubs, lounges and cafés.
Sailing from Singapore to Hong Kong by way of Bangkok is just one example of a great way to experience both cities and interesting sights and sounds along the way.


Voyages that include both Japan and China offer exciting ports of call such as
Ha long Bay, Chan May, Phu My, Laem Chabang, Shanghai, Cheju City, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Uwajima, Miyajima, Kobe, Okinawa, Keelung, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Thailand, and Bangkok. All stops have their own unique atmosphere and characteristics, and something different can be found in each port.

A Variety of Themes

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore

Options for those interested in cruise vacations in Asia are essentially limitless. Adventure cruises, sightseeing voyages and cruises specially geared toward nature lovers are just a few of the choices available. In addition, most major lines offer three, seven, ten and 21 day voyages. Extended cruises are also available, such as month-long excursions that cover most major ports in China and Japan. Regardless of which option a traveler selects, a cruise to Asia is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.