Ten Fantastic Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain is world famous for its beaches, architecture, and flamenco dancers. Year-round sunshine and spectacular scenery lure travelers to Spain each year from all around the world. Whether one is interested in the beautiful beaches of Andalusia, the stunning architecture of Barcelona or the outstanding scenery of San Sebastian, Spain offers something for everyone. Although there are hundreds of good reasons to visit this extraordinary part of the world, those planning a trip to Spain should consider the following:

Intriguing Tourist Attractions

Spain boasts some of the most intriguing tourist attractions in the world. The 700 year-old legacy of the Moors who once ruled the country has left behind stunning man-made wonders such as the Santa Barbara Castle located in the city of the same name and the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Natural attractions abound as well, such as the Teide National Park in Tenerife, home to the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest volcano in the world.

Spain’s Wild Side

Those searching for unique experiences in Spain may wish to take a jeep safari tour to the Spanish wilds where this beautiful and diverse nation can be seen in its primitive state. The brown bears of Asturias and the wild horses in Andalucia are a sight that no family will ever forget while on holiday. Those participating in a road trip across Spain will also find a wide variety of lovely, natural parks where plants and animals can be observed in their natural habitat’s.


Spain is famous throughout the world for its exciting and colorful festivals. These gatherings are steeped in tradition and provide enjoyable entertainment for families with children. As a predominantly Catholic country, Spain also has a vast array of religious festivals celebrated with multi-cultural dancing and singing in which visitors can participate.

Fiestas and Flamenco Dancing

Those searching for a brilliant party experience are pleased to find Spain boasts some of the most stimulating and colorful, dances in the world. One can sit back and enjoy performances by some of the many professional performers employed in Spain’s coastal resorts, and even engage in such performances, as the dancers welcome audience participation and are happy to help visitors learn the steps of these timeless dances.

Getting Around Easily

One of the most challenging aspects of a holiday is transportation, and no one enjoys getting lost when sightseeing. Fortunately, traveling to and within Spain is not a difficult endeavor. There are over thirty international airports within the country, most of which offer daily flights, and services such as the Euro-rail make exploring a simple activity. Almost all major cities in Spain provide good bus service throughout most of the day and evening. Underground services are also available to speed passengers to their destinations. In addition, an efficient network of roads connect northern and southern Spain for those who prefer to rent their own car.

Outstanding Facilities

Spain provides an exceptional array of tourist services, offering not only reasonably priced transportation, but some of the best facilities in Europe. Hotels and resorts in Barcelona, Madrid, Pamplona and Malaga have a high number of services and amenities to suit every traveler’s lifestyle and budget. These include complimentary internet access, indoor swimming pools, fitness centers and on-site restaurants.

Exciting Gaming

Those who enjoy gaming will not want to miss a night at Spain’s celebrated casinos. Peppered with night clubs, lounges and restaurants that feature live entertainment, areas such as Mallorca and Ibiza offer some of the most enjoyable games and nightlife in all of Europe.


Spain can lay claim to over 310 days of sunshine each year, making the possibility of losing one’s holiday to rain highly improbable. As the seasonal temperatures feature only marginal differences, there is really no bad time for a vacation in Spain.

Magnificent Beaches

Perhaps best known for its extraordinary, never-ending beaches, Spain is a vacationers paradise to those who enjoy sun, sand and tropical flowers.
Once someone has experienced the country’s enchanting beaches with their exceptionally clear, blue waters, other beaches around the world pale by comparison.

Tax Free Shopping

Everyone likes to shop while on vacation, and one’s shopping experience in Spain has an additional benefit as there are a wide variety of items that can be purchased tax-free. These include, tobacco products, wine, perfume, coffee, tea, and leather.