Magluf, Spain–An Ideal Family Vacation Destination

Magluf–otherwise known as Majorca–is one of the Spanish Balearic islands. Magluf is Spain’s second most populated island and is located in the lovely Mediterranean Sea. The island is a favorite holiday destination for families all over the world. Its unique beauty and tropical Mediterranean climate have helped it to sustain its popularity among travelers from around the world. Magluf typically experiences rain in the winter, but the season is usually short and featured mild temperatures. Summers are hot, and the island is known to enjoy over 300 sunny days each year.


Magluf’s national language is Spanish; however English is also frequently heard throughout the island. The people of Spain uphold their Mediterranean traditions, while at the same time embracing a modern outlook on life. Family is very important to most Magluf natives and many locals have extended families who get together several times each year to socialize and celebrate.

Dinnertime is taken much later in Spain than in the Western world, and visitors should not expect local restaurants to begin serving the evening meal until approximately 9pm. Most establishments are family friendly and offer a causal dress code and reasonably priced fare. Smoking is banned in most public restaurants; however, many establishments offer outdoor seating where one can use tobacco products without incident.

Popular Holiday Activities

Families searching for the ideal location in which to holiday need look no further than Magluf. The island offers a wide selection of activities for visitors of all ages such as kite surfing, scuba diving, biking, paragliding, swimming, snorkeling and inland excursions. However, the most unique activity in which a family can indulge while on holiday in Magluf is cave diving. The island’s beautiful, natural caves attracts thousands of holiday makers each year. Professional divers also descend on every summer to enjoy this outstanding sport.

In addition to unusual activities such as cave diving, mountain coasteering, which is a term that means the exploration of the island’s coast by rock climbing, swimming and hiking, is also an ideal activity for families looking for excitement while visiting Magluf. Those who are adventurous will not want to miss out on an excursion of this kind.


Most of Magluf’s shops and boutiques open fairly early each morning and usually stay opened late into the night. However, families should note that most stores close between 2pm and 4pm in the afternoon as this is the hottest part of the day in most of Spain. While there are a certain number of shops that disregard this tradition, it is probably wise for families to plan other activities during these hours.

Spain is renowned for items such as leather, porcelain and ceramics, and these products are usually offered at inexpensive prices. Additionally, numerous products such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea and perfume and alcohol are offered to tourists on a tax-free basis, making Magluf a very popular area for shopping.

Although there are many beautiful and exciting holiday destinations in the world from which families can choose, few can compete with the allure of Magluf. Those who are looking for an ideal destination where they can indulge in the perfect family holiday will be pleased with what they find on this lovely island.

Beautiful Spanish Architecture

Beautiful Spanish Architecture