Panama Ideal Place to Vacation or Live

Since 2009, the country of Panama has been consistently mentioned by US News, International Living, CNN Travel and Forbes as a top destination in which to live, work, retire or purchase investment properties. Coronado Panama is a coastal city that ranks among the top five ideal places for international investors who are planning to acquire real estate. There are many reasons for this, including its environment, cost of living, amenities, and health care services.

Community Characteristics

Coronado Panama is a located approximately one hour from Panama City. It is a vacation town that hosts thousands of international and local visitors each year. Coronado was Panama’s first resort development, which has given it several year’s advantage over its competition in the surrounding area.

The community is home to various attractions and activities, including swimming, kite surfing, golf and scuba diving. The town also has an impressive list of amenities, such as a new shopping mall, opera house, outdoor market, banks, hardware stores, gardening centers, hospital, medical and veterinary clinics, beachside bistros, fast food restaurants and full-service dining establishments. There are also pharmacies, large supermarkets and theaters. Located in the town square are a Jewish synagogue, a Catholic Church and a nondenominational Bible Church.

An Interesting history

Spaniards discovered Coronado in 1690 and it became the first structured agrarian culture of the18th century. Several large estates were created shortly after its discovery, which ultimately shaped the structure of the real estate register in the entire country.

Coronado became a designated modern city in 1941, when it was founded by Robert Eisenman, and has continued to expand ever since. In the 1960s, it became highly popular as a getaway location and remains in the top four vacation destination choices among both local and international travelers. As of 2015, its population was 4,000.

The Best of Both Worlds

Coronado is considered a magnet for tourists, retirees, professionals and families by top financial planners and travel consultants. This part of Panama boasts particularly breathtaking scenery, highly affordable cost of living and offers an excellent quality of life in a slow-paced, yet convenient environment.

Panama Boasts Beautiful Unspoiled Landscapes

Panama Boasts Beautiful Unspoiled Landscapes

Great For Families

Many families choose Coronado as a relocation destination because it offers easy access to a sophisticated city, yet is surrounded by unspoiled nature and a non-polluted environment. Residents of Coronado are friendly and welcoming to both tourists and those who have recently relocated. There are also many social organizations that are quite helpful to newcomers.

Retirement Properties

Investors who purchase homes to sell as retirement properties will likely be pleased with the outcome of their transaction. One of the top advantages associated with retiring in Coronado is tax benefits and the country’s impressive health services: residents can take advantage of effective and efficient healthcare clinics, which are not controlled by the government, and therefore offer low-cost pricing for top-of-the-line care.

Easy Transaction Process

Another benefit associated with Coronado and Panama in general is that all investments and bank account transactions are simple and stress-free. This is because there is no need for currency exchange, as all transactions are completed with United States dollars.

Tax Exemptions

Panama also offers tax exemptions for new construction, regardless of whether the investor is building a home, condominium or resort. In addition, all income generated outside Panama is not subject to taxation, which also makes a great place for investors to live and work. Those planning to invest in real estate in Coronodo Panama will likely be very pleased with the outcome.