Best Winter Festivals in Spain

Festivals are held throughout the year in many of Spain’s enchanting cities. Celebrations have been embraced by Spanish culture for thousands of years, making the country somewhat of an expert regarding such events. The winter season is a truly wonderful time to experience one of Spain’s enjoyable festivals, and those planning to visit this unique part of the world during winter should consider attending one of the following:


Anyone who enjoys exciting and colorful New Year’s Eve celebrations will not want to miss the Nochevieja Festival. Beginning at dusk on December 31st, and not commencing until dawn the next day, the festival offers local residents and visitors live entertainment, food, and an atmosphere of optimism as the crowds look forward to a new year. Although it takes place in more than one city, it is thought of by local residents as one big event.

Fallas Festival

The Fallas Festival is the biggest celebration held in Valencia, and it is one of Spain’s most unusual events. It begins on March 15th, when builders and artists congregate to create elaborate fallas, and it ends on March 19th when the fallas are set on fire and burned up together in one impressive blaze. This unusual finale has been a tradition for many years.


Prizes and awards are given to many of the artists, even though the fruits of their labors will end in ashes. The event sponsors encourage the entire city to participate in the festival. Valencian women in traditional regional dress walk through the city streets, while local musicians fill the air with music. The festival ends with an impressive midnight fireworks display which can easily be viewed from one’s hotel room.

Reyes Magos Festival

The Christmas season in Spain commences with Three Kings Day–the Reyes Magos Festival–during which spectacular parades, live entertainment and homemade sweets and pastries can be enjoyed. The annual two-day celebration begins on Januray 5th and ends with the celebration of the Epiphany on the afternoon of January 6th.

Granada Jazz Festival

Held each year in November, Granada’s International Jazz Festival is the oldest festival in Spain, as well as one of the most important. The first event was held in 1980, and many great musicians have performed at the festival over the years, such as Oscar Peterson, Tete Montoliu, Chano Dominguez and Herbie Hancock. During the festival, many visitors enjoy going to sleep in their hotel room to the strains of jazz music that fill the air.


Tenerife Carnival Festival

Typically held in early February, the Tenerife Carnival Festival is one of Spain’s most extravagant traditions. The costumes, music and parades create an enjoyable atmosphere of celebration for young and old alike. Parades featuring ornate floats on which musical groups perform are one of the festival’s main highlights. Tens of thousands of spectators arrive at the festival dressed in original costumes, most of which are homemade creations. It is not unusual to see several parades underway at the same time in various sections of the city, and many vibrantly-costumed musicians and actors perform on the street corners in between. The festival’s most celebrated tradition is the crowning of a Carnival Queen. Beautiful girls from all over Spain spend months creating elaborate costumes in order to enter the competition.

Spain Offers Visitors a Broad Range of Fun and Exciting Festivals

Spain Offers Visitors a Broad Range of Fun and Exciting Festivals

Regardless of which event one chooses, he or she is certain to have an enjoyable time experiencing Spain’s festive atmosphere. Those planning to attend one of the aforementioned festivals should make hotel reservations in advance, as rooms book quickly for such events.