Enjoy a Peaceful Holiday in Estepona

Holidays in Estepona, Spain, offer a diversified experience for first-time visitors and seasoned travelers alike. Its extreme popularity as a travel destination is not surprising. The architecture reflects the Moroccan-Mediterranean style, and cave paintings, renaissance cathedrals, and Moorish palaces are an indication of the diversity of the country. Spring and fall are exceptionally pleasant in Spain, and summers can be quite hot. Spain’s broad range of beaches, nightlife, and luxury accommodations make it a desirable location for both couples and families. Tours are available for those who prefer guided activities, and nighttime entertainment offers appealing versatility.

Barefoot on the Sand

Barefoot on the Sand

Getting There

Several budget airlines offer service to Spain. There are over 25 busy airports in the country, and a variety of bus services and underground transportation are also available for visitors once they arrive. Other facilities offered at the airports include duty free shops, banks, restaurants, and tourism information centers.

There is a strong network of roads and highways throughout Spain, but some are toll roads, so the appropriate currency should be carried if one is using his or her own car.

Popular Beach Areas

The Playa La Rada is a popular and spacious beach that is a favorite of many families with children. It features a convenient child’s play area, as well as a unique promenade with well maintained gardens.

Sabinillas Beach is a fishing beach where locals can be seen unloading their daily catch. The beaches here are long and spacious and feature soft sand that makes them a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

The Playa El Cristo is another beach that is ideal for families who have small children. It offers an unusual sheltered cove that gradually slopes down to the water. Two nearby seaside cafes serve fresh fish as well as light snacks and cocktails.

Funni Beach is located close to the entrance arch to Marbella. This beach is popular for the traveler who likes water activities such as jet skiing, and snorkeling, as well as land activities such as mini-golf, or mechanical bull rides.

Another favorite beach of water sport enthusiasts is the Playa El Pardron. This is a small beach but is typically very busy, especially during peak season. Wind surfing and water skiing are popular activities at this beach, and equipment for such can be rented at many of the local resorts even if one is not a patron there.


There are several categories of hotels in which vacationers can spend their holidays. It is a good idea for one to list his or her objectives for the trip and then try to find a hotel that meets most of these requirements. Visitors will find that most hotels feature exquisite architecture, and rooms are generally above average in comfort and design. Suites are available for larger families, as well as one or two bedroom condos that offer fully stocked kitchens and several baths. Hotels in Estepona are traditionally known for unique architecture, spacious rooms, an affordable year round prices.

Estepona Park

Estepona Park


As in most regions of Spain, the nightlife in Estepona offers unique and diversified options for entertainment. There are dance clubs, bars, live shows, and traditional Spanish nightclubs with something to please young and old alike. Most clubs do not charge an entrance fee, although a service charge might apply if one will not be eating or drinking. Dance fans can watch local entertainers perform the celebrated Flamenco dance at upscale nightclubs, they may opt for some traditional fun at a trendy bar or tavern. No matter what type of entertainment one is interested in, he or she can find it in Estepona.

Guided Tour Options

Many travelers consider guided tours a fun way to enjoy a holiday. A vast array of choices exist in this venue, from horse and carriage experiences to guided tours of various historical sites and attractions. There are also bus excursions which take visitors through the more popular parts of the city, and this type of tour typically features a narrator, so that the experience can be fully enjoyed. Jeep safari tours are another attractive option for outdoor lovers who are interested in experiencing the wilder side of Spain.

Outdoor Cafes Popular in Spain

Outdoor Cafes Popular in Spain


Shops usually open in the early hours of the morning and remain open past supper time, which, as previously mentioned, is quite late in the evening. In the afternoon, most stores close for a few hours for lunch, or what is referred to as “siesta time.” This tradition dates back to the period before the invention of air conditioning. The weather in Spain can be extremely hot, especially in summer, so traditionally, very few people chose this time to shop. However, the habit of closing during the afternoon still remains, even though many shops now feature air conditioning. Spain is famous for porcelain and leather goods, and these are excellent souvenirs for friends and family members. Bills are to be paid when services or goods are exchanged, and most shops do not offer credit to strangers, although credit to well known locals is not uncommon. Tipping, as in most areas of the world, is a matter of gratitude but not a requirement.

The opportunity to experience the timeless appeal of Estepona is something that no one should miss. With so much to offer, Spain will continue to provide exciting and memorable holidays for people all over the world.