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First Time Visitor Guide to Miami – Your Endless Holiday

First Time Visitor Guide to Miami

With its outstanding scenery and limitless activities and attractions, it is not surprising that Miami, Florida appeals to vacationers from all walks of life and from all over the world. When planning a trip to this diverse and intriguing part of the United States, one should definitely take the time to create an A-list of must-see attractions that every first time visitor to Miami should not miss. These include some of the city’s best theaters, nature walks, museums, clubs, restaurants, historical landmarks and a wide variety of sporting events.

Stunning Miami at Night

Stunning Miami at Night

An Ideal Vacation Destination

Although Miami and Miami Beach are considered two different cities, those vacationing in the area can easily experience the best of both worlds. Miami Beach, situated in the Bay of Biscayne, is referred to as the American Riviera with its beautiful, lush palm trees and bright, tropical sun. The beaches are well maintained and provide the perfect place to relax throughout the day before indulging in the nightlife for which Miami Beach is famous. The city of Miami is located on Florida’s mainland and offers visitors an almost limitless selection of nightclubs, restaurants, historical attractions, museums, art galleries, sports events, live entertainment, and the celebrated Miami Zoo.

The Allure of Miami Beach

Those who choose Miami Beach for their vacation will have a wide selection of restaurants and nightclubs from which to choose, as well as theaters for those who enjoy live performances. For those looking for a party atmosphere that features a Cuban flair, Little Havana is the ideal choice. Set against a backdrop of the scenic oceanfront, this area gives visitors a taste of Cuba, where the aroma of some of the world’s best gourmet coffee permeates the air and Caribbean steel drums keep a pulsating, mesmerizing rhythm.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle

Mainland Attractions

The Miami Zoo is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most popular zoos. The tropical temperatures of Miami create the perfect climate in which to keep a vast array of birds and animals from Africa, Australia and Asia. Leading the new trend of free-range zoos, the exhibits within the borders of the Miami Zoo are completely cage free. Animals are categorized based on their natural habitats and animals that exist peacefully together in the wild are placed together in the zoo’s exhibits, as well, making a trip to the Miami Zoo a unique and enjoyable experience.

With 1.7 million acres of jungles, prairies and swamps, the Everglades National Park is one of nation’s most outstanding attractions. The park is host to over ten endangered animal and bird species, such as the Indian Manatee, Florida Panther and American Crocodile. The majority of the Everglades National Park is kept in its natural state and explored only by scientific researchers and adventurous individuals. Vacationers can hike, camp, canoe, or participate in a guided tour.

Soak up the Sun

Soak up the Sun

The Miami Museum of Science is another spectacular attraction that first time visitors to Miami should not miss. The perfect educational adventure for the entire family, the museum offers a vast array of displays and exhibits featuring a wide variety of themes. The Bird of Prey Research Center is house within the museum, as is the Weintraub Observatory. When visiting the Miami Museum of Science it is wise to allocate a minimum of 3-4 hours to this activity in order to fully enjoy all the museum has to offer.

Miami Resorts

Many Miami resorts offer packages that include accommodations, airfare, ground transportation, as well as food, drinks, and tickets to local attractions. Such packages can save travelers a substantial amount of money, depending on the time of year they will be traveling. If one uses a travel agent, he or she can inquire about packages of this kind, or they can be booked online. Comparison shopping is the wisest avenue through which to find a Miami vacation resort. Considering everything Miami Beach has to offer, its popularity as a vacation destination is sure to continue for many future decades.