Ibiza Travel Guide

The island of Ibiza, virtually unknown until the 1950s, is the third largest of the many Balearic Islands. It accommodates thousands of tourists each year, who descend on the island to soak up the tropical sunshine, and unwind on one of the many lovely beaches for which the area is best known. Hotels in Ibiza typically feature reasonable prices, however, as with every popular vacation destination, prices are typically a bit higher during peak season, which is May through August.

Yachts Off the Coast of Lovely Ibiza

Yachts Off the Coast of Lovely Ibiza

This lovely and unspoiled island features a rugged, but attractive coastline, isolated bays, olive trees, and some of the finest weather in the world. Hotter than the majority of the Balearic Islands, it is an outstanding choice for a winter vacation, however, those who prefer very hot temperatures will want to travel to the island in the summer season.


When searching for things to do in Ibiza, one will find there are various activities and attractions on the island in which one can indulge. These include guided tours, go-karting, water sports, golf, horseback riding, and even visits to some of the island’s celebrated museums such as Ibiza’s Archaeological Center in Formentera.

Beaches and Eateries

Popular beaches include Bora Bora, Port des Torrent, Calla Bassa, and Cala Tarida. Fishing and jet-skiing are allowed on most public beaches, and equipment can be rented from many of the nearby hotels for a nominal fee. There are also a wide selection of restaurants to tempt every palate, and the town features hundreds of clubs, bars, pubs, and boisterous nightclubs which provide live entertainment year round.

Vacationers will experience plenty of sunshine on the island, with an average year round temperature of 28 Celsius. There are so many attractions to explore, that many vacationers find renting a car helpful, although this is not an absolute necessity. Those who wish to plan a vacation that will provide enjoyable activities and an exciting nightlife will certainly find it in Ibiza.