Have an Eco-Friendly Adventure in Xelha, Mexico

Anyone searching for a balance of relaxation and adventure will find it in Xelha. Located approximately two hours south of Cancun, Mexico, this alluring, exotic area has been turned into one of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled eco-friendly parks. Xelha is truly a jewel on the Mexican Rivera, offering unique memories and one of a kind experiences for a Mexican vacation.

The park officials of Xelha are sincere in their commitment to remain eco-friendly. When patrons arrive at the park they will be questioned about any non eco-friendly products they may have brought with them such as sunscreens or bug sprays. If such products are discovered, they will be confiscated for the duration of the person’s visit, and he or she will be able to pick them up when departing. Patrons will be given environmentally friendly lotions and sprays, as these small steps are important in saving the environment. Xelha’s design showcases the natural waterways and inlets of the area, and most families are amazed that such beautiful scenery was not landscaped by human hands.

Xelha’s size can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, and patrons must carefully select the activities that interest them the most. It is impossible to see and do everything in just one day, however, maps are provided so families can select the activities they will most enjoy. This way patrons can experience the best of green living.

Swimming With the Dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins in Xelha

Swim with the Dolphins in Xelha

The undeveloped nature of the Xelha river fascinates visitors from all over the continent, and many patrons choose a dolphin swim for their first memorable experience in Xelha. Those who have a viable interest in saving the environment will enjoy the knowledge that these schools of dolphins are protected in their natural habitat. This section of the park begins with mangrove forest teeming with hanging vines and lush vegetation. This activity is a delight to all guests of the park regardless of their age, gender, or social background. A brief educational film is provided, after which visitors are taken through a forty five minute guided experience with dolphins as seen in their natural habitat. Safety measures are in place, so parents can have peace of mind while their children participate in the once in a lifetime event of being pushed through the water by a swimming dolphin.

The Ancient Mayans Archeology

This enchanting ecotourism development is named after one of its most popular attractions, the Xelha archaeological site of the ancient pre-Columbian Mayan civilization. Guided tours are available for families who desire to see the timeless wonder of an unspoiled world as experienced by these ancient civilizations. The Maya Tulum is only 10 kilometers south of this archaeological site, and tours are available of this area, as well.

Snorkeling Stairways

A vast array of easily accessed stairways to the water are available for snorkeling purposes. Snorkeling equipment must be rented if one is interested in this activity, and rentals are relatively easy to find. The water is very warm and extraordinarily clear. Schools of fish abound in almost every color one can imagine, and participating in such an activity will never be forgotten.

View Plants and Animals in Their Natural Habitat

View Plants and Animals in Their Natural Habitat

Activities for the Thrill Seeker

Those with a more adventurous spirit may choose adrenaline stimulating activities such as vine swinging or taking a rope walk from one amazing cliff to another. For thrill-seekers searching for a serious adrenaline rush, a plunge into the water from 5 meters above may be just the activity. The section of the river is 4 meters in depth so it is appropriate for diving. Those looking for an additional thrill to complete their day may choose to climb the natural wall located at station four. The wall is five meters high, and one of the most popular of the daring attractions the park has to offer.

Explore Xelha's Unspoiled Wilderness

Explore Xelha’s Unspoiled Wilderness

Relax in a Hammock

Those who simply seek peace and tranquility, will want to unwind in the serene mangrove field featuring public hammocks in which they can rest. This is green living at its best, and is especially pleasant during the hottest time of day.

No matter what activities a person chooses, he or she is certain of having a never to be forgotten green living experience under the glorious tropical sun of one of the world’s most outstanding ecotourism destinations.