Sail Away to Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez, situated in the south of France, is a favorite holiday destination of travellers from around the world. The beach resorts of this alluring town are set against the backdrop of the celebrated French Riviera, to where many visitors travel in search of sand, sun and invigorating activities. Aside from the glorious, pristine beaches and lovely marinas, Saint Tropez offers guests some of the most interesting and intriguing attractions in all of Europe. Outdoor cafes, quaint cobbled streets, and unusual souvenir shops can be explored by visitors seven days a week. The primary tourist information center is located on the thriving Quai Jean Jaurès, and here, travellers can find a wealth of information which can be used to help them plan a fun and memorable experience.

Saint Tropez Remains a Popular Getaway Destination

Saint Tropez Remains a Popular Getaway Destination

Beaches and Water Activities

There are over forty beaches in the area from which one can choose, and visitors will find that each one has its own unique characteristics. Some are perfect for singles looking to socialize, while others remain fairly quiet and secluded. Pampelonne Beach is a favorite of many tourists, as it is spacious and clean, and here one can indulge in a variety of watersports. Visitors may wish to discover the coastal footpaths, or try their hand at scuba diving or parasailing. Those who have no interest in watersports may opt instead for a trip to one the area’s renown wine vineyards, some of which offer free samples of the well known Côte de Provence wine.


Visitors will discover that it is not difficult to find a wide variety of things to do in Saint Tropez. Several notable museums focusing on the town’s seafaring past are available to guests, such as the Maritime Museum, which has consistently received favorable reviews from tourists. The La Maison des Papillons Butterfly museum is also a popular attraction, especially for nature lovers. Various pottery exhibitions and art galleries can also be explored, and after a day of shopping and sightseeing, one can unwind at one of the many restaurants and clubs Saint Tropez has to offer. Hotels in Saint Tropez typically provide good value for money; however, the time of year one wishes to travel plays a significant role in the hotel’s pricing structure. This enchanting area of France is sure to provide an exciting and memorable holiday experience for visitors of all ages.

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