Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation in Peru

Peru is located in western South America. It borders the Pacific ocean and is approximately 1500 miles long. Many individuals choose Peru vacations when planning a yearly getaway. This is because there are many intriguing characteristics associated with this country, making it the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable vacation.

Coastline or Mountains–Traveler’s Choice

The country is divided into three different zones, all of which are separated by the Andes Mountains. The western section is quite arid and follows the coastline, while the mountain areas are situated toward the central section of the country. The eastern half is primarily forested slopes that eventually leads to the Amazon planes.

One of the aspects that fascinates those visiting this region of South America is that the country was the center of the Incan Empire. Those who enjoy history and architecture, and exploring ancient ruins will find a trip to this area both mystical and fascinating. Lake Titicaca, shared with Bolivia, is one of Peru’s most famous sites, as well as being the world’s highest Lake.

Machu Picchu and the Stunning Coast

Thousands of travelers visit this area each year to hike the Machu Picchu trail. The latter is one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations, and the favored among avid hikers. There are also plenty of choices for those who prefer an urban atmosphere when on vacation, such as the cities of Lima, Arequipa, and Trujuillo.

The country’s coastal area features a fantastic variety of wildlife, particularly on the Galapagos Islands. The Amazonian region of Peru is also an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Some visitors take the opportunity to travel the length of the Amazon river from Lima to the enchanting and beautiful city of Iquitos.

A Hiker's Paradise

A Hiker’s Paradise


Tambopata is a great Peruvian vacation destination that travelers may wish to consider. It is referred to by many visitors as the “Paradise of the Amazon basin.” Its biodiversity is essentially immeasurable according to most scientists, and it boasts 67 reptile species, 1200 butterfly species, and 170 mammal species. Its topography is tropical and much of the area has been left in its natural state.


Cuzco is a great Peruvian vacation destination. This is because it is the oldest city on the South American continent to be continuously inhabited since ancient times. Here, one will find a diverse culture, impressive scenery, and friendly residents. However, it is considered a high altitude city, meaning that the air is very thin. Those who are not used to such altitudes should consider visiting some of the country’s other cities that are situated on lower planes and work their way up to locations such as Cuzco. There are also certain local remedies that can be taken to alleviate altitude sickness.

By the Beautiful Sea

By the Beautiful Sea

The country also has a vast array of museums and other attractions for those who wish to learn more about Peruvian culture and history. Peru vacations can be booked online or through traditional travel agencies, and virtually any time of year offers pleasant temperatures in this South American country. Regardless of one’s personal preferences, he or she will find that a Peruvian vacation will likely never be forgotten.

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