Stunning Ikaria Boasts Endless Activities and Attractions

The Greek island of Ikaria is one of the Northeastern Aegean Islands and is situated just south of the Turkish coast. Those indulging in an Ikaria holiday will find untamed beauty, spectacular views, refreshing mountain air, and friendly people. Ikaria is a relatively large island with impressive mountain ranges that receive the full force of the brisk meltemi wind. The island’s outstanding panoramic scenery has little competition from islands in other areas of the world.

Ikaria’s Beautiful Beaches

The island of Ikaria offers a wide selection of beaches, ranging from those that are secluded to their more boisterous counterparts, which are popular with tourists and holidaymakers. The brilliance and clarity of the waters surrounding Ikaria are unmatched, and the Ikarian Sea is listed among the cleanest on Earth, a fact which causes many holidaymakers to choose the island year. Ikaria’s most popular sand beaches are located mostly on the island’s northern side. On the southern side of the island, one will find less crowded beaches featuring tiny pebbles and small rocks as opposed to sand. Ikaria’s most visited beaches include Livadi and Messakti, and Nas, all of which offer stunning views of the island’s colourful sunsets.

Yachts Against Sunny Backdrop

Yachts Against Sunny Backdrop


Those visiting Ikaria for a holiday will be happy to know that it features a mild climate, similar to the other Northeastern Aegean islands. High winds are common throughout the year, and these help to keep one comfortable even when temperatures are hot. Winters on Ikaria are mild and of short duration with frequent rainfall, and summers on the island are hot and steamy with very few rainy days.

Activities and Attractions

There is a vast array of activities and attractions on the island of Ikaria for visitors of all ages. One can spend the day swimming, hiking or exploring the many ancient ruins and archeological wonders that pepper the island. In addition, many visitors enjoy discovering Ikaria’s waterfalls and natural hot springs.

The Drakanos Watchtower is a favourite attraction of locals and visitors alike. Built in the Hellenistic period in the traditional design of that day, the 44 foot high tower was used by locals to observe sea traffic in the channel between Samos and Ikaria.


Another site that those on holiday in Iakria may wish to consider seeing is the Koskina’s Byzantine fortress. Constructed during the 11th century on the crest of a mountain, the structure was used as a chapel by those who lived in the surrounding villages and hamlets and local residents have preserved the inner chapel to this day.

Fortress Tower

Fortress Tower

Although many attractions exist on the island, it has always retained a natural atmosphere that is not at all “touristy.” It is for this reason Ikaria appeals to the discerning traveller who is searching for a relaxing Greek island getaway. Those who are looking for an island holiday that is a bit off the beaten path, or those who prefer to experience a touch of genuine old world Greece will find that the island of Ikaria is an ideal choice.

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