Kefalonia–The Perfect Greek Holiday Destination

The largest of the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia is an ideal choice for anyone who is planning a holiday in the Greek Isles. The island features lush green vegetation and outstanding mountains. Its shoreline has both sandy and rocky beaches where sun worshipers can relax and unwind. The entire island is extraordinarily beautiful and many travellers regard it as the perfect location for a holiday or winter break.

Seaside Dinner in Beautiful Greece

Seaside Dinner in Beautiful Greece

A Vast Array of Options

Kefalonia offers a number of outstanding attractions and activities for a holiday maker to enjoy. The stunning beaches and spectacular scenery on the island make Kefalonia the ideal place in which to rest and rejuvenate. In addition, one can visit remarkable landmarks and attractions, or simply dine out at one of the island’s many excellent restaurants. Those who enjoy the latter activity will be pleased to find that Kefalonia offers some of the most reasonably priced food and wine that can be found in Greece.

Swimming Ideal Activity in Greece

Swimming Ideal Activity in Greece

Argostoli is Kefalonia’s capital city and is relatively modern regarding its design and architecture. The city’s contemporary appearance is due to the fact that it was almost entirely rebuilt after the famous earthquakes of 1953. Other cities on Kefalonia that holiday makers will find interesting include Lixouri, which is home to some of the island’s best beaches, such as Sami and Lassi, both of which offer tourists a stimulating nightlife.

Kefalonia a Vacationer's Paradise

Kefalonia a Vacationer’s Paradise

Mount Ainos Mountain

Mount Ainos is an attraction no visitor will want to miss when on holiday in Kefalonia. The mountain offers holiday makers a chance to see extraordinary scenery, and its highest peak is 1625 meters above sea level. In 1962, the lush green forest on the mountain was declared a national park. Holiday makers visiting the southern slopes of the mountain are often lucky enough to see some of the wild horses which still reside on the island.

Kastro Castle

One of the most intriguing tourist attractions in the area is the Kastro Castle. The island’s fortress during Medieval times, the castle is an architectural work of art. Adjacent to the castle is an authentic Medieval monastery which was part of the Church of Agios Gerasimos.

Drogarati Cave

Only 2.4 km from the city of Sami one will find Drogarati cave, a natural cave formation that is estimated to be over a 150 million years old. Visitors can explore the cave by entering through a set of steps made from impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Because of its outstanding acoustics, Drogarati cave is used for musical concerts and other types of performances during the summer.


Kourkoumelata is a tiny village on Kefalonia that visitors should consider adding to their holiday itinerary. The village was leveled by the aforementioned 1953 earthquakes; however, it was completely restored by a Greek shipowner named Giorgos Vergotis. Although small, the village has a number of interesting attractions, such as a statue of the famous poet Lord Byron, erected on the front lawn of the dwelling in which he once lived.

Ancient Steps

Ancient Steps

Kefalonia is an island featuring rare natural beauty, outstanding beaches, and exciting and interesting towns. Over the past several decades, the island’s popularity has steadily increased, placing it in high demand as a holiday destination. No one will ever forget the time he or she spends in Kefalonia, Greece.

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