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Enjoy a Winter Vacation in Vail

Vail, Colorado is a beautiful ski town located in the Rocky Mountains approximately 100 miles west of Denver. The annual snowfall in the area is about 330 inches and each year skiers descend on the many Vail hotels and ski

Top Luxury Hotels in Italy

Stunning landscapes, beautiful architecture and a diversified culture are some of the things that make Italy an exciting and interesting vacation destination. Italy’s top luxury hotels offer vacationers some of the world’s best scenery, such as centuries-old architecture and the

Low-Cost Things to Do and See in Europe

Europe is an extraordinarily popular vacation destination, and many travelers wonder if cheap European vacations are possible. The answer to this question is yes; however, there are several essential factors to which thought must be given when one is planning

Wine Tasting Tours Beckon to Adventurous Travelers

Wine tasting is the latest trend among discerning travelers. Wine culture beckons to thousands of people each year who are searching for a unique vacation venue where new experiences can be embraced. Wine tastings are a major tourist attraction in

Exciting Sorrento Perfect Backdrop for Unique Getaway

Located in southern Italy, Sorrento is a favourite tourist destination that is easily reached from Pompeii and Naples. It is situated conveniently toward the southeastern area of the Circumvesuviana rail line. The town offers a scenic overlook of the Bay

Makadi Bay–Jewel of the Red Sea Riviera

Makadi Bay is located just south of the Gulf of Suez on Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera. It is nestled between a stunning mountain range and an intriguing desert. The picturesque town is surrounded by crystal blue water, and beaches that

Belgium Offers Something for Everyone

Although a small country, Belgium has much to offer travelers of all ages and from all walks of life. The country is situated among other desirable locations such as London, Amsterdam and Paris. Historic Gothic buildings, museums, tranquil seaside towns,

Choose Saint-Etienne for an Unforgettable Holiday

For many years, France has been one of the world’s top travel destinations. Should you choose to visit this breathtaking part of Europe, it will not take you long to see why this is the case. If you know you

Gaudi’s Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is dominated by the works of the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. Although this beautiful part of Spain features a very cosmopolitan environment, it is also rich in history and famous for its centuries-old art. Barcelona has

Enchanting Giverny for an Art Lover’s Dream Vacation

Giverny is a small French village located approximately 50 miles west of France’s capital city of Paris. It is close to the Seine river and valley, and is not far from the border of Upper Normandy. The quaint town became