Travel to Scotland on a Budget

From its stunning landscape dotted with authentic castles, to its unique and romantic atmosphere, a holiday in Scotland is an ideal choice for travel enthusiasts everywhere. Those searching for a way to experience all Scotland has to offer but are working with limited funds should not despair. It is possible to find a wide variety of attractions and activities that can be enjoyed free of charge, as well as reasonably priced accommodation.

Finding Discounted Accommodation

Finding discounted accommodation is not always as difficult as one might think. One avenue through which inexpensive hotels or apartments can be located is the internet. However, it is important to price shop, as each vendor will claim their prices are the lowest. Another way of obtaining a discount is travelling during non-peak season. Vacationing a few weeks before or after prime tourist season is typically just as enjoyable, and sometimes more so, than travelling with the masses. Taking advantage of the considerable drop in prices is another benefit of visiting Scotland in the off season.


Simply asking for a discount is another way to obtain a cheaper price on a hotel stay, and this is something that is largely overlooked by most holiday makers. If one alerts the hotel manager that he or she is travelling to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or honeymoon, a discount is usually offered. Lastly, booking reservations close to one’s arrival time is also a wise activity, as most resorts and hotels will drop their prices significantly if it looks like a certain unit in their establishment will otherwise remain unoccupied.

Attractions and Activities for the Budget Conscious

Whilst it may seem that the cost of entertainment is constantly on the rise, there are a variety of ways for holiday makers to enjoy Scotland without overspending. The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh is an ideal way to spend the day, and although prices are subject to change, admission to this popular attraction has a history of being quite reasonable.

Glasgow’s famous shopping district is also a great choice for those who enjoy bargain hunting. Whilst many high-end stores exist in this shopping district, there is also a variety of vendors that cater for the budget shopper. Travellers are often pleasantly surprised at some of the discounts they find.


Fossil Grove is an attraction not far from the Glasgow shopping district and is a brilliant choice for families taking cheap weekend breaks. Discovered in 1887 and designated by the Scottish National Heritage as a site of special scientific interest, this ancient forest will provide a never to be forgotten experience for the whole family.

In addition to the aforementioned attractions, many individuals find that spending the day at one of Scotland’s beautiful, picturesque lakes, or taking a relaxing walk through one of its many public parks is just as much fun as participating in expensive activities. Regardless of how one chooses to spend his or her holiday, visiting Scotland on a shoestring is a highly enjoyable experience.

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