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California Beaches a Must See for West Coast Travelers

The 840 miles that make up California’s impressive coastline offers a beautiful and diverse atmosphere for sun worshipers and surfers everywhere. From secluded shores that are ideal for sunbathing, to family beaches that offer concession stands and children’s facilities, the

Argentina Travel Expected to Increase in 2017

Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. It covers over a million square miles and has one of the most highly diversified terrains on earth. Those who choose this beautiful location in which to vacation will not regret

The Incomparable Mediterranean Travel Destination of Montenegro

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country that measures only 300 kilometers from one end to the other. This tiny country features some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in all of southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Looming mountains jut out

Create the Memories of a Lifetime in Malta

Each year holidaymakers from all over Europe head to Malta to enjoy an ideal climate, impressive scenery, great beaches, historical attractions and fossil-studded cliffs. In addition, scuba diving and snorkelling fans frequently choose this small archipelago to indulge in their

Visit the Extravagant Gardens of Versailles

Once a country village, Versailles is now a thriving suburb of Paris that is rich in history and striking architecture. The Royal Chateau, now called the Palace of Versailles, refers to the now famous landmark which symbolizes the era of

Versailles a Must-See for European Travelers

France is a very popular vacation destination and Versailles in particular is a favorite among travelers from around the world. It has historical appeal, impressive gardens and museums, and world-class restaurants. Things to do in Versailles The Petit Trianon, which

Montreal’s Secret City

To visitors of Montreal, Canada, discovering the 19 miles of an underground city is an absorbing and fascinating activity. Although part of everyday life to local residents, Montreal’s Underground City has drawn tourists for several decades who want to experience

Fascinating Montreal–The Melting Pot of the World

Montréal is named after the Mont Royal–a tall tree-covered igneous rock–and it is a city with a diversified population, rich in both history and culture. Over the years it has earned the reputation as one of the most stimulating and

Stimulating Montreal Great Summer Holiday Destination

Beautiful lakes, fresh air and stunning mountain scenery are all characteristics travellers can look forward to on a trip to Montréal. One of the world’s most picturesque destinations, something for everyone can be found in this lovely Canadian city. Vacation

WestJet Serious Competition for Air Canada

WestJet is a leader in the air travel industry and this Canadian-based company has recently enjoyed one if its best years. WestJet and its partner itravel2000 share a mutual goal of eventually becoming the top choice for air travel and vacations