Versailles a Must-See for European Travelers

France is a very popular vacation destination and Versailles in particular is a favorite among travelers from around the world. It has historical appeal, impressive gardens and museums, and world-class restaurants.

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

Things to do in Versailles

The Petit Trianon, which borders the Château park of Versailles, features a beautiful mix of both Chinese and English style trees. The many flowers scattered throughout the garden add a lovely touch. There is no entrance fee, so it is perfect for those traveling on a budget.

The history buff will not want to miss the Musee LAmbinet, or the Appartement prive du Roi–grand apartment of King Louis XV. The Musee Lambinet is a municipal museum in Versailles that tells the entire history of the town and is definitely worth adding to one’s sightseeing schedule. After undergoing renovations in 2010, it now boasts three new sections that feature both fine arts and decorative arts, and a new area dedicated to history.

Genuine Verberckt carvings decorate the walls of the Appartement prive du Roi, where King Louis XV himself retired from court to relax in extravagance at the end of the day. This is also where he died of smallpox in 1774, and travelers should bring their cameras since pictures are allowed.

One of the most elaborate attractions in Versailles is the Mirror Gallery. Designed by Jules Hardoui-Mansart in 1687, this opulent hall of mirrors was home to many extravagant celebrations of court, as well as international potentates. Comprised of 578 mirrors, it is definitely worth seeing.

Money Saving Tips

One of the best ways to save money on hotel accommodations is to consider staying a short distance outside the city. This can add up to a savings of 20-70 percent. Traveling light is also a simplistic, but beneficial way to save money. Extra luggage taken on trains and airplanes results in extra expense. Also, if one is not adverse to using a public laundromat, this can be a tremendous savings over hotel laundry services, which are typically expensive.

Renting a car can actually be less expensive than the use of an airport shuttle or taxis in the long run. Of course, one must take into consideration how comfortable he or she will feel driving in another country. Missing one flight or train will generally ruin the days plans, so it is also a good idea to make being on time a priority.

Planning an Itinerary

With so much to do and see, it is a good idea to decide whether guided tours would be beneficial, or if simply playing it by ear may be more fun. If an individual likes group tours, an all-inclusive package may be just the thing. For someone who likes to leave their watch behind when traveling, playing it by ear may be the better choice. This is largely a matter of personal preference, and one can certainly discuss these, and other options, with his or her travel consultant before making a final decision.

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