Chase Away Winter Blues in Miami

Those planning a vacation in the incomparable city of Miami, Florida, will likely be very pleased with what they find. From beautiful beaches, to historical landmarks and great dining and shopping, the city offers anything a traveler could desire. Miami is also world-famous for a thriving, tireless nightlife, with clubs, lounges and bars for every taste and budget. Hotels are also available to please virtually any patron, such as the lovely Collins Avenue Hotel, a popular favorite among repeat visitors.


The Best of Both Worlds

Although the city of Miami and Miami Beach are technically separate cities, those traveling to the area for a vacation have the option of enjoying the best of both worlds. Miami, located on the mainland, is peppered with clubs, historical landmarks, state-of-the-art restaurants, and outstanding shopping opportunities. Miami Beach, situated in Biscayne Bay, is regarded by many as the American Riviera, with its pristine beaches, shady palms, warm, tropical sun, and of course, a boisterous nightlife.

Exciting Club District

The colorful club district of Miami Beach offers party-goers a wide selection of restaurants, nightclubs and lounges. Establishments are available to please essentially any budget or preference, and regardless of what kind of fare a person prefers, it is somewhere on the beach waiting to be discovered. Clubs are typically opened late into the night and if you do not wish to drive after a night of drinking and dancing, you can rest assured that plenty of public transportation options are available.

If you are looking for a stimulating nightlife that features a touch of Cuba, you should definitely visit Little Havana. This area offers an authentic Cuban ambiance against the stunning backdrop of the beach. Sumptuous food and the aroma of delicious Cuban coffee scent the air, and Caribbean steel drums and Latino dance beats are often heard echoing through the Coconut Grove district.


Wonderful hotels and resorts are available such as the aforementioned Collins Avenue Hotel , where a friendly staff is available to ensure that your vacation meets your expectations.

In the area’s famous South Beach, you can cruise the strip and view impressive architecture, characterized by streamlined Art Deco structures, dance clubs, and Miami bars with unique designs. Dance clubs in the South Beach area are continuously seeking to outdo each other with their interior décor, top-notch DJs, and fashionable patrons which include wealthy tycoons, celebrities and famous media personalities.


In addition, a new era of clubs have appeared off the beach in Midtown Miami and the Design District. Most of the lounges and clubs on or off the beach feature multiple floors and rooms, complete with their own musical styles and themes so that you are never bored even if you spend the evening in only one club.

Regardless of your individual goals for your getaway, they can come true in Miami. However, it is always wise to make reservations at the Collins Avenue Hotel or any other resort as soon you know your travel dates to avoid being shut out. Ultimately, a visit to this stimulating and exciting area is the perfect way to create the memories of a lifetime.

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