Indulge in an Unforgettable Florida Vacation

Whether cruising down the Atlantic Coast highway through Daytona or watching a sunset from an outdoor café on the Gulf Coast’s Anna Maria island, Florida has something to offer everyone. Most of the state is a large peninsula, and travelers have the option of enjoying one of two completely different coastlines.

The Gulf Coast is home to Sarasota, an upscale city known for its interest in arts and entertainment, as well as the neighboring town of Bradenton, which has similar characteristics, as well as a fantastic shopping area. On the Atlantic coast, the city of Daytona, is host to the infamous Daytona 500 car race each year, and if a tour of the Kennedy Space Center is appealing, one may choose Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral.

The theme park enthusiast will want to head to central Florida, where Orlando and Kissimmee are home to Disneyland Park, as well as over 65 other theme parks. In the North, the state capitol of Tallahassee, as well as St. Augustine, offer travelers a variety of vacation activities in a quiet, relaxing environment. At the opposite end of the state, Miami Beach boasts cultural diversity, interesting attractions, and a sizzling nightlife, while a little further down, calm relaxation and brilliant sunsets await visitors of the Florida Keys.
When the decision has been made to experience Florida and the vacationers have chosen a destination, accommodations must be reserved. Some people choose to camp, rent a house, or even stay with relatives, but for others, nothing less than a Florida vacation resort will do.
Types of Resorts
There are many types of resorts and resort vacation packages, but most fall into one of four categories: luxury, spa, couples, or family. Of course, many different variations exist within each category.

Luxury Resorts
The goal of a luxury vacation is pure indulgence. This type of vacation is a major stress reliever for many people. The focus of a luxury resort is to create a chore-free environment for the guest, so he or she can relax and have someone else take care of whatever needs may arise. This type of resort offers impeccable service, first class dining, and premier customer service designed to cater to every whim. 
Couples Resorts
For that long-awaited honeymoon or romantic adventure, a vacation in a couples resort is the perfect choice. The Florida Keys are a long-time favorite of couples seeking a romantic getaway, as is the Tampa Bay area, and Intriguing Miami Beach. Allure and excitement await those who choose this type of vacation, as these resorts strive to maintain a romantic ambiance in a relaxing atmosphere.


Spa Resorts

Spa resorts have stayed consistently popular ever since they were first introduced to the vacation market. This type of Florida vacation resort is a perfect selection for those who need to unwind or calm an anxious mind. Studies show that those who vacation have increased longevity and better health. Spa vacations certainly have a vital part in that statistic. These resorts center on sedentary activities such as massage, aromatherapy, manicure, pedicures, and facials, as well as soothing saunas and steam rooms.

Family Resorts
Family resorts offer child-friendly themes and a wholesome atmosphere, and typically employ a full time activities coordinator to make sure each day offers something new and interesting for families to experience together. One cannot speak of family vacations without mentioning Disney, and some favorite resorts in the Orlando-Kissimmee area include those featuring a Disney theme.
All-inclusive Packages

Many resorts offer packages that include accommodations, airfare, ground transportation, as well as food, drinks, and tickets to local attractions. These packages can save travelers a substantial amount of money, depending on the time of year they will be traveling. If one uses a travel agent, he or she can inquire about such packages, or they can be booked online. Comparison shopping is the wisest avenue through which to find the Florida vacation resort that will best suit the lifestyle and budget of the prospective travelers.

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