The Sights and Sounds of Lovely Montreal

Montreal is an intriguing and beautiful city located in Québec, Canada. Many travelers choose this area for a relaxing getaway due to the broad range of activities they can enjoy during their sojourn. Those who are wondering what to do in Montreal should consider the following:

Outstanding Museums

The museums of Montreal are located in an area called the Golden Square Mile, which is famous for its exquisite architecture. Here, one will find both the McCord Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Both establishments are worth a visit, especially for those who enjoy leisurely days discovering beautiful and unique pieces of art.

Montreal Offers Fun and Exciting Nightlife

Montreal Offers Fun and Exciting Nightlife


One of Montreal’s most appealing features for young and old alike is the Montreal Jazz Festival. The latter takes place every July, but if a person wishes to enjoy a languid afternoon listening to this genre of music, live jazz performances abound within the city year-round. Anyone who is wondering what to do in Montreal should consider taking in a jazz concert.

Great Landmarks in Montreal

Great Landmarks in Montreal


The shopping enthusiast may wish to stroll through some of the various public markets, especially the Marché Atwater, which is comprised of some of Montreal’s oldest public shopping centers. Visitors should also consider setting aside some time explore the Marché Jean-Talon market, which is found in the city’s Little Italy district.

Montreal’s Secret City

Montreal’s Underground Secret City is a network of complexes situated just below the city’s streets. It is often called the Ville Intérieure–the Indoor Town–and is the world’s most spacious underground structure of its type. The city was initially designed by Vincent Ponte, who developed the tunnels in the 1960s to conceal the city’s railroad tracks from public view. Originally, it boasted only one tunnel that linked to the Ville Marie Shopping Mall and one hotel. However, as time went on, additional tunnels were added and a whole new city began to thrive under streets Montreal.

Unique Montreal Architecture

Unique Montreal Architecture

A Visit to Old Montreal

Ambling through Old Montreal is an enjoyable and restful activity that no one should overlook when deciding what to do in Montreal. Many visitors are pleased to discover that Old Montreal has been exquisitely preserved and is currently still essentially in its original condition, including its seventeenth century architecture. Old-fashioned cobblestone streets, a serene waterfront, and rustic cafes are all part of its charm. Offering something for every visitor, Montreal is a perfect area in which to relax and unwind while creating the memories of a lifetime.

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