Leave Conventional Getaways Behind With a Dude Ranch Vacation

With the exponential growth of metropolitan areas throughout the country, numerous families feel the need to escape from their hectic schedules and unwind by taking a step back into the past and participating in a nontraditional family vacation. Although it may inspire mental pictures of old western movies, A dude ranch vacation is a great idea for outdoor enthusiasts who are tired of the same old getaway venue.

Dude Ranch Vacations Fun for Essentially any Outdoor Enthusiast

Dude Ranch Vacations Fun for Essentially any Outdoor Enthusiast

The Allure of the Wild West

Some vacationers find a trip to the wild west appealing, and a dude ranch vacation is one example of a way this can be achieved. This type of vacation provides an avenue through which families can indulge in a genuine cowboy lifestyle complete with campfires, cattle round-ups, and of course, horseback riding.

The Versatility of Dude Ranches

Dude ranch vacations draw a considerable number of patrons each year who are searching for an outdoor venue for their vacation but are not necessarily interested in camping. Additionally, dude ranches provide an avenue through which guests can enjoy their love of horses and spend a major part of their vacation riding. Families will also enjoy the rodeos, cattle drives, and outdoor dining that are typically associated with such vacations. Viewing outstanding western sunsets from the back of a horse is also an activity that has made such vacations popular with those searching for the ideal equestrian getaway.

Dude Ranch Cowboy

Dude Ranch Cowboy

A Variety of Choices

There is a wide variety of dude ranch options available to vacationers. For example, large ranches traditionally provide numerous activities such as canoeing, hiking, spa services, cooking western style meals, and even golf. However, families who prefer a more rustic vacation may find greater enjoyment in visiting a small dude ranch, as these generally have fewer than 12 guests at one time. Perhaps the most ideal choice for the horseback riding enthusiast is a working dude ranch, which offers guests a much greater amount of time in the saddle as they experience authentic ranch activities such as rodeo events, cattle round ups, and nature rides. No matter what a family’s vacation goals may be, if horseback riding is a favorite activity, a dude ranch vacation will be remembered with a smile long after the vacation commences.

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